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Package delivery to Montreal - Parcels Packages

Posted by: Frank Henri

If I am to send a package delivery to Montreal, how will it be best to do this? I am new to shipping anything, and have never had to ship anything outside of Paris, France, which is where I am located. Do you have a local office that I can walk into and ask them questions, or even have your employees assist me with this? I want to be sure that all is accomplished correctly. Do you offer packaging services at your local office? How much will you charge me to prepare my package for shipping?

Do you have a shipping schedule that will show how much you will charge as well as how long it will take you to deliver my package? Although I want your employees to assist with the packing, and I am certain they will do a great job, I still want my package to arrive in Montreal undamaged. Do you guarantee your work that you will not damage my package during shipping?

Thank you for responding to my many questions, and I ask that you will send this information direct to my included contact information.