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Package delivery to Vancouver - Parcels Packages

Posted by: Quintin Hall

Thanks for reading my post. I need a few questions answered about package delivery to Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. So if you have a few moments to spare, please send me your regular information. I am sure that will answer most of my questions, but I am including a few of them here just in case.

My package is nearly two ft long. It is slightly more than one ft wide, and it is almost 6 inches deep. Including the packing material, the package weighs 12 pounds. Since I am sending this package from Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States, I must ask if you have a shipping office nearby so that I may drop it off. If you do, then please inform me of its location as well as the hours you are open for business. Can you also give an estimate as to how much you will charge? I do not require express service, only regular shipping. Is there a method to track this package while it is in transit? Thank you so much for sending this information.