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Package delivery to Berlin - Parcels Packages

Posted by: Lance Arnecki

I seek information from a company who can complete package delivery to Berlin, Germany. As I am sending the package from Louisville, Kentucky, in the United States, I would also like to know if your company has a shipping office nearby. Yes, I am aware of the larger shipping company that is located near here, but I seek alternatives. This is why I have posted here.

The package contains some personal items that my uncle was visiting here and he forgot to take these item with him when he left. I want to return them to him. I have them packed into a regular shipping box. Its dimensions are 1 ft in length, by 8 inches wide, and it is 7 inches deep. I am guessing that it weighs about 4 or 5 pounds. If your company has a shipping office nearby, I can drop off this package on my way to work in the next couple of days. But I wonder if you could give me an estimate as to how much you will charge.

Please send your response to my direct contact information that I have included here. Than you for this.