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Package delivery to Rotterdam - Parcels Packages

Posted by: Brigette Nelson

If any company's representatives review this post, I will ask you to please send me information about package delivery to Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This is not exactly an urgent matter, but I would like to have this package shipped by the end of this week if it is possible.

Will it be better if you will pickup this package at our office here in Venice, Italy, or would you prefer that we drop off the package at your local shipping office? That is, if you have an office that is local to Venice. If so, then please tell me your location and the hours you are open. Since I have already prepared this package for shipping, I can tell you that it weighs 4 kilograms. Its size is 26 cm in length, 15 cm wide, and 11 cm deep. Will you have an estimate of your shipping cost for this package? Can you also provide when you will deliver this package as well?

I will thank you for sending this information to the email address that I have provided to this forum.