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Winsor Ltd
Posted by: Abigail Campbell

I must inquire into a package delivery to London, United Kingdom (UK). Although my initial inquiry does not include a request for express package delivery services, I would like to review that service if you offer it. This will allow me to compare. The package that I must ship is ready for shipping. This means I have already packed and weighed it. The weight of this package is 7 kilograms. The dimensions are 38 cm in length, 25 cm wide, and 15 cm deep. The shipment will originate from our facility here at Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. If you can provide me with an estimated shipping cost, I will appreciate it.

Please also include if you will provide a pickup service at our facility, or if you have a shipping office that is local to us. When do you estimate you will deliver this shipment to our customer in London? Do you guarantee an on time delivery? Do you also warrant the package will arrive at its destination undamaged? Thank you for responding to this request for information. Contacting us through this forum is the quickest method for us to receive your information.