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Package delivery to Oslo - Parcels Packages

Posted by: Landon Grant

Good evening. Besides just going to the post office and mailing something that way, I am looking for other ways of sending a package to Oslo. My girlfriend has just taken a position with her company and will be moving there in a few weeks. We are very much in love and have vowed to make this work.

One of our ideas to help keep in touch is to send care packages to one another on a regular basis, thus me looking for some ideas for delivery of these future packages. I would be sending some love notes, maybe her favorite scented candles and possibly even some home baked breads if we could get a quick enough delivery speed that it would not spoil. i do not anticipate the packages being overly heavy or big so no need to worry about that. We are just looking for a convenient and cost effective way to send packages back and forth once she gets there.