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Package delivery to Bratislava - Parcels Packages

The Zilina Express Shop
Posted by: Heather Graves

Good morning. The Zilina Express Shop is opening up selling to some resellers in Bratislava late this spring. We are based out of Zilina, Slovakia and the base of the resellers will be in Raca, Bratislava so all of the shipments (at least as of now) will be shipped there.

We are looking for a package delivery company that can take our packages to our new resellers in Raca and make sure they are delivered. We are not interested in using a shipping company that is going to use a contractor to do the final delivery once it gets into the country and past the Customs process. We want one company to handle the packages from start to finish.

We also want to use a tracking program for our shipments so that both our clients and us can keep an eye on our goods as they travel to their intended recipient.