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Package delivery to Mexico City - Parcels Packages

Posted by: Deadre Francis

Good afternoon all. In the next two weeks, I need to get a package delivered to my boss in Mexico City. He is having a presentation down there and I have the materials he needs up here at the office in Santa Monica in California. Seeing as how he has been down there for a week already and will not return before the big meeting, I have been tasked with finding a reasonable means of shipping everything down to him there.

It will be several binders full of the presentation, as well as some other handouts and extra business cards for him. The box itself shouldn't be too bulky, but the contents are pretty important so I would like to inquire about getting a tracking system pinned down on it. My boss is definitely the type of guy who will be watching the package make its way to the hotel for the meeting, if you catch my drift.