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Package delivery to Jakarta - Parcels Packages

Posted by: Kim Paltin

Hi there. I am going to be shipping a package to Jakarta and I was looking for some options for package delivery services once it gets there. The package will be shipping from here in Warsaw, Poland so this will be International if that makes any difference to the shippers out there reading this. Also, my package will be relatively small, something you can put in your purse if need be, and fairly light weight so I don;t think that will really be a huge factor in the final price.

Driving the price up, I think, will be the reason I am on here in the first place: the add on package delivery services I am looking to get. The package has a bit of a value to it so I am hoping to find a company that can hand deliver and get a signature upon delivery of the package, maybe even a courier service. Please let me know if you can help and I will send more details. Thank you for your interest.