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Good day all! My sister has just recently moved to Zwolle in the Netherlands from just outside Daytona Beach, Florida, which is where I still live. She left me with a fair amount of her personal effects with instructions that I ship them to her over the next month or so which leads me to this site and why I am looking for shipping options.

The parcels vary in size, but none outside a standard cardboard that you would find at a liquor store, for instance. In them she has wrapped some art work done by her students (she's a teacher), some nick knacks, photo albums and other such personal items. All of the seventeen boxes except one are very light weight. The heavy one is full of books, but conceivably I could break that down into two smaller boxes if that would help with shipping costs.

Please let me know if you can help with delivery of these parcels in the next few weeks as I am eager to get this project underway. Thank you.