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Parcel delivery to Belgium - Parcels Packages

I have a dear friend who has returned home to Belgium to live near to her parents. While she lived here in the United States, she quite enjoyed shopping at many of the local shops. Well, there are a couple of items that she wants me to purchase and send to her as she is unable to locate the items locally. The items are not fragile, but they have many loose parts that if not properly packaged, may move about in the case during shipping and cause damage.

What I need to learn is what is the best procedure for parcel delivery to Belgium. What is the best padding or packaging to use? I will also need to know where are some good companies who sell this packaging at a reasonable cost. The items for shipping only weigh about 7 pounds, but I will also need information on the kind of box to ship the items in.

Also, if you would be so kind as to include in your information packet you email to me any necessary taxes or customs fees that I must also include in my shipment. Thank you so much for this.