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Parcel delivery to Japan - Parcels Packages

Parcel delivery to Japan required from Auckland, New Zealand.

I need to send a few parcels to Kyoto in the next two months. The parcels will have to be picked up from my home and delivered to the company in Kyoto. Ideally I would prefer overnight delivery, but would accept a two to three day delay. There are two parcels that need to be delivered. The one is quite small, about the size of a filled A4 envelope. It contains an extremely sensitive hardware chip and must be placed in great care. It will be wrapped in protective layers but a good handler would help. The second package is a standard sized box of about 300 x 450 x 300 containing documents and manuals. This box weighs about three kilograms is wrapped well and has no breakables in it.

I would appreciate estimates to be as thorough as possible with available dates and times.