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Express Parcel delivery to Croatia - Parcels Packages

I have an express parcel delivery to Croatia that absolutely must be delivered on time. These include personal items that I am sending to my sister who lives in Zagreb, Croatia. These items are very fragile, so I need your assurances that you can deliver these glassware items without being damaged. If I can buy insurance to cover these that would be great, but I would rather these be delivered intact.

Does your company have a standard information pack you can email me to the address provided within this inquiry? I think the standard should include pricing, delivery, fees, and anything else that pertains to this shipment. If possible, could you provide tracking information? I think it is cool to be able to see where my package is located no matter where it is.

Since I am shipping from the United States, there should be no problems in originating an express parcel shipment. This leads me to the question of whether your company will pickup my package, or if you will designate a different company for this task. Do you also deliver the shipment? Please email me with your responses. Thanks.