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International Parcel delivery to Philippines - Parcels Packages

I need to ship a package to my niece who lives just outside of Manila, so I am here to seek a company who can provide international parcel delivery to Philippines. I am shipping this parcel from Naples, Italy. I came here on business and I must go on to other European destinations before I return home to the Philippines next month. If your company can deliver these items, then please send your information to my email address.

The parcel contains a couple of articles of clothing and some small novelty items. A couple of these items are breakable, so they must be handled with care. I can pack them well enough to protect them, but I need your assurances you can deliver them undamaged. Within your email, please include your pricing, delivery scheduling, and other information that is necessary for me to ship this parcel with your company. Also, do you have a local drop off location here in Naples, Italy? Thanks.