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International Parcel delivery to Ukraine - Parcels Packages

I seek the services of a company who is skilled in international parcel delivery to Ukraine. This should be a simple delivery as the parcel is only abut 1 ft by 1 ft in dimensions and weighs about 3 pounds. I do not require express shipping for this delivery. Yet, I would still like for it to be delivered with due diligence. If this parcel is shipped from London, United Kingdom (UK) today, how long would it take you to deliver it to Ukraine? Will you deliver this parcel undamaged?

Please email me with your cost for shipping this parcel. Also, include whether you include a tracking service as well. If so, when would you provide the tracking number? The parcel contains a box of shoes that I am sending to my uncle. It is already packed and ready to be shipped. I just need the information from your company.

I appreciate your prompt response to my inquiry.