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International Express Parcel delivery to Belarus - Parcels Packages

Does your company provide international express parcel delivery services to Belarus? Can you assure me this package will be delivered on time and undamaged by next week? If so, then please send your information to my email address as soon as possible.

I have this package packed and is ready to ship from Germany. Its dimensions are 610 mm by 305 mm and weighs 3 kilos including the packaging.. It is a parcel that contains a medical device for use at a local hospital in Belarus. They need this device most urgently, which is why I am so insistent on its quick delivery. With your email please include your shipping costs, your estimated time to deliver and your guarantees against damages during shipping. Please also provide details on how this shipment can be monitored with your included tracking information as well. Please also include whether I can purchase additional insurance for this shipment as well.

The email included within this post is direct to me and I monitor it regularly. Therefore, it will not arrive unnoticed. Thank you for your prompt reply.