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International Parcel delivery to Panama - Parcels Packages

I am here to inquire into international parcel delivery to Panama. It would be particularly useful if your company can also provide this information as it pertains to a shipment that originates from Helsinki, Finland. Does your company have a parcel drop off location near to my location? If not, do you offer a pickup service near here?

Does your company provide information on best practices in preparing a parcel for shipment? If needed, do you also provide the packing materials such as padding? The parcel weighs less than a kilo and is about 305 mm by 305 mm by 200 mm. There is nothing fragile contained within this parcel and there is also nothing that is perishable. However, I would still like to have your company's assurances that you will take due care of this parcel and deliver it in an undamaged condition.

How much will you charge me to ship this parcel to Panama from Finland? Can you provide a tracking method for this shipment? Thank you for replying with my requested information. I can have the parcel ready to ship within hours of my receiving your email.