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Express Parcel delivery to Egypt - Parcels Packages

I must send an express parcel delivery to Egypt. Do any companies offer this service? If so, then would you please send your shipping information to my email address as soon as possible? The package I am sending is to be delivered to the local university there at Alexandria, Egypt. They are in need of this research material, so I need your guarantee that you will deliver this parcel by the end of next week. Can you guarantee you will deliver this by that time? Can you also guarantee the parcel will arrive undamaged?

The parcel is being shipped from Rome, Italy, so I also must inquire if your company has any drop off locations that are near to me. Please advise me of their locations if you do. How much will you charge to complete this express parcel delivery to Egypt? You can email this information to my included email address. Thank you for your prompt reply.