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Overnight Parcel delivery to Macedonia - Parcels Packages

Posted by: Martin Crechinwerd

Hello. If I needed to send an overnight parcel delivery to Macedonia, who must I contact to make this shipping arrangement? Would it be better if I leave my email address here so that you may contact me directly?

The parcel that I must send is a fairly typical size. Its dimensions are 457 mm long, 229 mm wide, and 127 mm in depth. It weighs less than a kilo, so it is fairly light. I am shipping this parcel from Rome, Italy. Is it possible for you to deliver this parcel overnight to Macedonia? How soon in the day will you need this parcel dropped off at your shipping office? Can you guarantee this parcel will be delivered the next day after it is shipped? What about damages? Can you provide assurances this parcel will arrive undamaged? Can you also estimate my shipping costs for this parcel?

Since you have my email address, please send this info there and I will be sure to watch for it. Thanks for sending this as soon as possible.