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Package delivery to Marseilles - Parcels Packages

Baker Industries
Posted by: Jerry Baker

Hello and thank you for replying to my inquiry about package delivery to Marseilles, France. We are preparing to ship from our warehouse that is located just outside of Austin, Texas, in the United States. So we really need information that includes shipping between these two locations.

Are there any special labels or documents that are required to ship internationally? What are the customs laws and regulations that govern international shipments into France as they arrive from the United States? How can I find out about any duties, taxes, or fees, that may be imposed on this shipment? For that matter, how can we find out if our shipment falls under any import or export restrictions?

Once we have shipped this with your company, and it is in transit, is it possible for us to have the shipment re-routed? Is it possible for us to change the shipping option after the package has been shipped? Will we receive an email notification of shipment's progress or status? Is this email in addition to, or in lieu of, any online tracking information that is made available?