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Package delivery to Paris - Parcels Packages

Barnone Corp.
Posted by: Goldwine Freiwald

I need to contact a shipping company about a package delivery to Paris, France. This package will be shipped from our office here at Munich, Germany. Does your company also offer express shipping services? If so, will you include information about that service as well? Since there is such a brief distance between Germany and France, how soon can your company deliver this package to Paris? Can you guarantee this delivery time?

How will we be billed for shipping this package with your company? What are the payment options that you have available? Are there any holidays that your company does not provide either a pickup or a delivery? When will you be available to pickup this package at our office?

The package weighs less than two kilograms. What will you estimate our shipping charges will be for this package delivery? What should I do if I do not understand the tracking information that is provided? Thanks for sending this information to our email address. This is the quickest method for us to receive it.