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Package delivery to Rio de Janeiro - Parcels Packages

Aero Designs Solutions
Posted by: Silvana Berker

Aero Designs Solutions has just gotten some clients who have satellite office in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. We need to find a delivery company that can send packages from our headquarters in Toronto, Canada to Rio De Janeiro in a safe and reliable manner.

We have been reading that there are a lot of problems when shipping to Brazil, mostly because of extremely slow Customs processes and paperwork not being handled properly. This type of scenario is completely unacceptable to us here at Aero Designs Solutions which is why we are demanding that the shipping company we choose be well versed with shipping to Brazil. They must have, and be able to demonstrate, a firm understanding and appreciation of the Brazilian laws and how the entire process works. We will not tolerate any delays that we deem are avoidable. If you have no experience in shipping to this part of the world, this job is not for you and you should not waste your time bidding.