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Package delivery to Naples - Parcels Packages

Posted by: Madison Leigh James

Good evening. My sister has just moved to Naples, which seems very far away to both her and myself. I would like to be able to send her some packages from time to time so would like to inquire about what my options are for doing so. I live in Patra, Greece so the care packages will be traveling a bit of distance, although it could be much greater in the skeam of things, I suppose.

The care packages I am thinking of sending would be different each time, but would never be too large or heavy, I would imagine. An example of what I thinking of sending includes some pictures from our hometown, maybe of some friends or a festival she used to attend, and some home baked cookies that we used to make together as children to make her feel at home in Naples. Please advise if you can help with this kind of package delivery and what the procedure to do so would be as well as the costs. Thank you for helping.