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Package delivery to Kyoto - Parcels Packages

Planter Ponder and Points Partnership
Posted by: Irene Goode

Planter Ponder and Points Partnership is going to be doing business in Kyoto, Japan this coming month. It is my job to find a good package delivery company that we can use to ship some goods from here to there on a semi regular basis. We are based out of Bern, Switzerland so all of our parcels will be originating from here unless we have something drop shipped from a supplier which would be rare, but may happen on occasion.

We are interested in having a delivery confirmation notice set up with each of our packages that we have delivered so you will want to indicate that feature in your response to this posting to be fully considered for this job. Also please include information regarding you insurance options and policies so that we know what our options are in the regard. Finally, please feel free to shoot me over any questions you may have to help craft your quote better.