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Package delivery to Seoul - Parcels Packages

Tech Experts LLC
Posted by: Katherine Goose

Tech Experts LLC is going to start doing business with our new partner in Seoul at the end of this month. We are in need of a new package delivery company that can handle the up coming load of correspondences that are needed between the two of us. We are based in Pont du Gard, France and out client just has the one office in Seoul.

The first package we would like delivered will just be our standard welcome package with some documents that we will want them to sign and return. If you have some pre paid options for return envelopes that we can include inside the package, that would be ideal. We typically do not like to require our clients to do anything extra in the way of paying out for minimal things like postage when we can take care of that on our end. Whatever options you may have, shoot them open as we are all ears.