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Package delivery to Boston - Massachusetts - Parcels Packages

Bartno Inc.
Posted by: Shawntelle Gillette

I am inquiring into package delivery to Boston -Massachusetts, in the United States. I will send this package from Marseilles, France. Do you offer express package shipping services? Or do you only offer standard shipping services? Do you have a local shipping office who can arrange for a pickup at our office within the next couple of days? Please contact us with your company's shipping information as well as for our business hours when this package can be picked up.

The package weighs only 2 kilograms. It is about the size of a typical shoe box, but it does not contain shoes. I must add that the contents of this package are fragile. We have taken great care in wrapping the contents in order to protect it from damage, but we will also like your assurances that you will deliver this package undamaged. Can you provide that promise? What are your shipping charges to ship a package of this type? Please also tell us when you will deliver it to Boston. Thank you for supplying this information.