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Package delivery to Fort Lauderdale - Florida - Parcels Packages

Bonjoylia Enterprises
Posted by: Arsenio De los Santos

My employer has assigned me to prepare an order for shipping. This order will be ready to ship next week, and I am here today to ask about package delivery to Fort Lauderdale - Florida. So if your company is ready to pickup this package next week, please send us your information as soon as possible. Please also inform us if there is a contact person that we may speak with if necessary after we have read your information package.

The shipment will be submitted from our warehouse at Mexico City, Mexico. It will include a package of materials that will weigh less than 8 kilograms. How much will you charge us to ship this package with your company? Is it possible for us to mention when we would like the package to be delivered? Will that be considered as a guaranteed delivery day?

What can we expect if the package arrives at the destination in a damaged condition? Will your company provide proper compensation of the value of the package's contents? We will appreciate your supplying us with this important information.