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Package delivery to San Francisco - California - Parcels Packages

Posted by: Taddeo Marra

I must arrange for a package delivery to San Francisco - California. This is why I am posting to this forum, as I seek information from qualified professional delivery company who is capable of completing an international delivery. How will it be best for us to prepare our package for international shipping? Are there any special considerations that are different as compared with shipping only to a location in the European Union (EU)? How might we discover if our products are included under any of the United States' import / export restrictions?

Do you have a representative who is available and can respond to our questions after we have reviewed the information you will email us? Will this same person be able to begin the shipping process with your company and can arrange for a pickup at our warehouse? I suppose that what I am asking is if we will have one person who we will have contact to handle our account while we are shipping with your company.

Please include information of your company's shipping services to our email address. Thank you.