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Package delivery to San Diego - California - Parcels Packages

Posted by: Jiordano Arrigoni

Would someone please provide me with some information about package delivery to San Diego - California, in the United States? I will also be needing a pickup at our office location here in Milan, Italy. So the information you send should include both of these locations.

The product being shipped is nearly ready and will be ready to ship by the middle of next week. Once it is ready, the package will be 61 cm, by 31 cm, by 45 cm deep. Including the packaging, the package will weigh 3 kilograms. How will you structure your shipping charges for this package? Would you be ready to pickup this package at our office when it is ready to ship? What is your estimated time to deliver this package to San Diego? If you also offer an express shipping service, will you please include that information in with the information about your standard shipping?

I want to say thank you for sending me this information. I will receive it through the email system through this forum. Oh, and please include if you include some kind of tracking system too.