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Package delivery to Palm Beach - Florida - Parcels Packages

Posted by: Johnathon Wentworth

What is the best method for sending a package delivery to Palm Beach - Florida? I am required to dispatch this package from our office here at London, United Kingdom (UK). It will be completely prepared to ship within the next three days. So if you company can provide a pickup service at our office at that time, that will be ideal.

Before we complete the shipping arrangements, is it possible for us to establish contact by your sending your shipping information to us? This should answer most of our questions about shipping with your company. Will you please include what your shipping charges include? What payment options do you accept? Does your company offer an express package delivery service? Do you also offer a guaranteed delivery? Do you offer compensation if the package is lost or damaged while it is in your care? If tracking information is provided, is it included in your standard shipping packages? Or is it classed as an addon service?

We will look for your shipping information to arrive in our email inbox shortly. Thank you for providing it to us.