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Package delivery to Houston - Texas - Parcels Packages

Posted by: Henry Barclay

I must make shipping arrangements for an order we are processing at our facility here on Long Island, New York, in the United States. Once the order is ready for shipping, the product will be in a package that has the overall weight of 6 pounds. The package itself will have the following dimensions. The length will be 1 ft 3 inches. The width will be 9 inches, and the depth of this package will be 6.5 inches. So the package is a fairly standard size.

Based on the information I have just provided, can you provide an estimate of how much your company will charge us to ship this package? What is your estimated time to deliver this package to Houston? When will your company be available to schedule a pickup at our facility? Will you send us your shipping information to the email address we have provided to this forum? As you may notice, we have a few questions and perhaps your sending an information packet could answer many of them. Thank you for your time in supplying us with this information.